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RiskMathics is a leading institution of high level financial training and continuing education in Mexico, Central and South America. Its areas of expertise include Risk Management, Derivative Products, Quantitative Finance, Trading, Markets, as well as Investment in Alternative Assets: Private Equity & Venture Capital, REITs (FIBRAs in Mexico) , CKDs and Hedge Funds.

Our activity covers Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, and in the near future Argentina.

Thousands of practitioners, students, scholars and regulators have been trained and updated their knowledge with the programs, courses, workshops and Diplomas that RiskMathics offers. We have our own Trading Room, which is a classroom that simulates FX, Fixed Income, Equity, and Derivatives trades, helping attendees accomplish a unique learning experience.

Given that Authorities and Regulators have acknowledged the evolution and prestige that RiskMathics has had, in 2012 the CONSAR (National Commission for the Retirement Savings System) has appointed RiskMathics as the certifier organism for the Mexican Pension Funds (AFORES) to certify them in Derivative Products, and in July 2016, the CONSAR has delegated RiskMathics the certification for Structured Products (Investments in Alternative Assets).


Promote and disseminate through education the latest advances in Quantitative Finance, Risk Management, Trading, Markets, Derivative Products and Investments in Alternative Assets in Mexico and Latin America, and motivate the research and development of solutions to problems that are inherent to the daily activities of Traders, Treasurers, Fund Managers, and practically of every person directly or indirectly linked to a financial institution.

Riskmathics Financial Innovation


To be a leader in the development of talent in the Latam markets, through forefront training, providing practitioners with the latest topics and tools in finance, and becoming part of our client´s integral success.

Riskmathics Financial Innovation

Risk Management & Trading Conference

RM&TC 2017

It is the most exclusive event worldwide that brings together Traders, Fund Managers, Risk Managers and Regulators.

Workshops delivered by authorities in the financial industry at world-class level

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